Texts of home schools - the difference between "accredited" and "formal"

Texts of home schools - the difference between "accredited" and "formal"

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a "certified" and "formal" version of home schooling? A mother called me because she was told that her son could play baseball in a private school if he enrolled in the independent school program. The school said it needed a certified version of its ninth year to show that it was in the tenth grade this year. The mother had the impression that her work had been approved by her. The school disagreed and said it could revise its text from last year for $ 50 per credit hour.

What does accreditation mean? How can a home-based student get "certified" texts without paying hundreds of dollars?

There is a difference between home school records "approved" and "official". Home schooling credits are official, and our texts are official. However, home schooling records are generally not supported. Texts approved by accredited programs are provided with a type of government oversight. For this reason, they are often avoided by independent home schooling specialists, although it is important to keep in mind that the approved program is not necessarily better than your home schooling program, in which case the school was right. Our home education credits are not supported. However, they are formal when you act under the law of your state.

There are many programs that can prove your copy. It can cost between $ 50 and $ 100 per credit or more. Accumulate quickly and can be very expensive in the long term. At some point, I thought a 4-year high school would be between $ 2000 and $ 5,000 just to get a paper that says "Certified". Accreditation agencies earn a lot of money this way!

The cost of accreditation was not worth the inconvenience to my family. It is clear that the elections of our university were also not important. My children received large scholarships from all the universities where they were offered. Both also received a full four-year scholarship based on my mother's non-official texts. The admissions director at that university said that my records and records were the best I had ever seen. I have seen many texts, approved and official!

Supported programs usually come with attached strings. You must register with them, use their curriculum, follow their rules and work at their own speed. They may need an extra record for parents. Using credit programs can reduce your independence and flexibility to create an ideal home-schooling experience for your child.

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