How To Make A Good Homeschooling - Let The Fun Begins!

I love the fun, especially with the kids. A few years ago, when I described one of my classes to the principal of the school where I studied, I was surprised to use one of my favorite expressions: "We enjoyed it a lot there!"

I smiled and replied: "I think so." She knew me well.

My husband and I joke that the purple ring lasting mood, passion color. I tend to be passionate about most things. My family expects my mother to be in a high or high position, but I'm sorry to say they saw the other side too!

I hope my grave reads something like that. It seems trivial, but not really. We honor the Lord by embracing life. Using our talents, enjoying people, pressing our experiences and living consciously in the center of God's will. Whether our circumstances are enjoyable or not, we can be happy and offer praise. In the midst of all this, we can and must enjoy a lot. Think of it as teaching life skills. What can be more valuable than learning to enjoy life!

Does this mean that we have to make learning laugh in the minute, and always enjoy our children so that they never complain about their work? It is not clear that no. This means that we must model the right positions and teach them that even unpleasant tasks can be done with a grateful heart. There's nothing exciting or interesting about math, toilet cleaning or dust cleaning (man, I hate to remove it!), But happy people take these tasks quietly and move quickly to the most exciting parts of their lives. Today. Once I had a bitter friend who resented washing the toilet so much that she kicked it every time I cleaned it, which seemed ridiculous to me. No need to kick the toilet. It will be dirty again next week!

Unfortunately, when I was learning at home, the fears and frustrations often went away from my smile. The demands of my life routinely undermine my strength and joy. In those moments she became angry and barking and rebuking and grumbling.

We need to be happy and give our children the time to be stupid and unproductive. Entertainment is not an option; it is necessary for you and them. This is how vacations. Schedule some normal days. Do not usually go into school cancellation because of fancy, either from you or from you. Plan for those rest days; they will be more expensive. Let yourself relax and enjoy!

You should also have a good time, regardless of the daily routines of housework, child care and education. I hope to be involved with other teachers at home, either in an organized support group or by accident with some friends. We need to spend time with people like to think and learn to laugh at ourselves.

I remember a drawing drawn by my mother and my mother with our children to spend a night of talent in a home support group. It was hilarious I still laugh when I think about it. I was a school mom raving at home wearing an old vest, with quirky hair. I grew up and felt lazy. Children filled the stage; the house was a disaster.

The children suggested making pancakes. I said weakly that we arrived late, we should go to the work of our school, but hey, we have not learned for a long time. Why do not you make pancakes as an experiment? (It was so close to home, and red to remember)

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Our education was soft at home, SRA feared. Hooknose! To my children's horror and I, I forgot our history! She was ridiculously stern, her glasses floating at the end of her nose and her hair pulled back into a cake. He put a briefcase on his chest and carried a big black bag that was ugly and barely held in the air as if it were about to hit. His voice was sharp and clicked on her tongue and shot him. I have been exposed to bodies and nervousness.

Ironically, I work today as a home school facilitator and find myself in the role of Mrs. Hawkows! What a shock! At least that's what I feel on some days, and sometimes, I'm sure others look at me. Sometimes I realize that nervousness and the uncertainty I have when I talk to mothers and wonder if they do not feel the way I feel in our scheme. Sometimes, I must step aside and say, "Relax, Hook!"

With the beginning of the last part of this school year, remember that this will also happen and that it's good to have a little fun. We all need to lighten up. There is nothing perfect, but we try to do our best. We are not always successful, but hey, tomorrow another day. If we want a good education at home, let the fun begin!

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