Home Education - Five Ways Daddy Can Help

Home Education - Five Ways Daddy Can Help

In typical household households, the father is the breadwinner and mother at home for teaching, cooking, cleaning, guidance, creativity and discipline. Because of many different tasks, it is easy for mothers to burn in an attempt to do everything. Most parents want to participate in their children's education. The decision of education at home requires the sacrifice and commitment of both spouses. However, sometimes my mother may feel little support for the daily work of home schooling, and the father may feel separated from the joys of learning with his children.

Good news There are many things that my father can do that will make a big difference in his home schooling and his relationship with his wife and children.

Here are 5 ways my dad can help:

1. Be part of your wife's weekly planning

Mother planning time is often compressed because of the requirements of the contest. If my mom and dad booked an hour, usually on a Sunday evening, to plan for the week, it had two purposes. First, the father will participate in the daily planning of their children's studies. Two, he will know how you can help.

Dad, support the method of teaching or planning for your wife, especially if it is different from the approach you follow. Your wife needs to see you as an education partner.

2. Commitment to teaching one or more subjects.

Many home schooling families that I know use this approach. A friend wakes up early to do algebra with his daughter before going to work. Another family I know has a father who learns how to write because he is an English teacher.

In most households, parents have the best in math and science. These topics, especially for secondary and high school students, require more planning to ensure that children have the full range of knowledge and experience.

To this end, my father can define his themes for the week during the weekly planning time. If materials are needed, for example the scientific experience, the mother can get them while shopping. Owning what you need when you need it can significantly improve the level of stress in the family.

Whatever the material my father teaches, make sure there is a fixed place and time to meet. Children need the ability to predict and be responsible for doing good work.

3. Doing housework.

The two largest in most families that you learn at home are meals and keeping up with laundry. Again, planning can help a lot. Make weekly meals during weekly planning. My mother can make a list of planned meals. Dad can help cook the food.

In our house we are big fans in the mud bowl. There is nothing better than putting all ingredients in a bowl in the morning and distributing them at night.

4. Make dinner time a time to share learning today.

If children know they will participate, they will respond, report what they have learned, and are likely to remember the material. Make sure that this is a pleasant moment and not forced. Some ways to make it fun are to ask children to rotate on an account (also known as a narrative) that is shared. Another way is to ask the child to tell three things you know about the subject under discussion.

The key is consistency. If children know that it is necessary to skip their learning participation, they will be less prepared.

5. On the day of your leave, take the young children on a field trip.

In households with many children, older children learn to be independent when the mother takes care of the needs of younger children. This is good however, one disadvantage is that older children receive less personal attention.

I have a friend who asks me to take the two young children from time to time so that she can spend time with the duties of her two older children. Even a few hours can make a big difference to help my mom catch up.

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