Education at home and working father - problems and solutions

Education at home and working father - problems and solutions

Making a decision to educate a child at home is not easy, especially for working parents. For these parents, the success of a child's home education depends to a large extent on the amount of time available to them to devote the child's education. However, home schooling may not necessarily require the parent to quit altogether. With willingness to commit, conscience and the ability to look for resources and support, any working father can seriously commit to educating their children at home without having to give up their current job or profession entirely.

First of all, parents who work and think about a child's home education should know that today, many independent companies already offer an online home schooling curriculum. Although most distance learning or online programs are for high school students, some research on other alternatives may be useful in finding an online program that parents can use with their children during their absence. at work.

Besides resorting to a distance learning program or online as a possible solution to the problem of education in a child's home while maintaining a work schedule, the rest of the options involve or require some commitment or sacrifice of the father. One of the possible options for the father is to change his work schedule to allow time for teaching. Although traditional schools offer their curriculum during certain periods of the day, parents who study at home can set their own schedule. With the help of a sympathetic leader, a commitment can be reached that allows work and teaching.

In addition to possible changes in the schedule, parents of home schooling may consider changing from full-time to part-time. With a reduced schedule of work, parents can have extra time to work in their children's education.

If reducing hours of work or changing a table is just a very big sacrifice, some parents may think of a simple transfer. If there is a possibility of moving closer to home, parents can spend the time they usually spend to and from work, educating their children, without having to sacrifice hours or seniority at work.

Because many of the current jobs depend on technology, some parents may also think of finding a job that allows them to work from home. Surely a domestic job or job can allow more time for home schooling, again without having to sacrifice more hours of work or wages.

If all other commitments fail, some parents may want to consider modifying home study hours rather than their personal schedules. Parents who work and simply can not change their schedules can think of options such as teaching and teaching classes on weekends (or other rest days) in the form of intensive and long-term lessons. Another option may include teaching in the afternoon or at any time of day after work.

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