Christian Homeschool - Survive and Thrive!

When you face difficult times in your home schooling experience, here are some tips and suggestions to help you survive:

Think about why you and your family decided to start a Christian school at home in the first place. For example, perhaps one of the most important reasons is that your family may get more time together. By thinking about these reasons for home schooling, it helps to put current frustrations in a better perspective.

When difficulties arise in your Christian school at home, and sooner or later do so, contact your family for a special family reunion. Discuss problems, pray for them together, and make some decisions about how to correct problems.

Create family traditions so that your children can count on them as a regular event in their lives. Read aloud daily as the most important element of your family's tradition; it is the best way to teach any subject.

One way to create fun and excitement in your home school is to celebrate extraordinary holidays as part of your curriculum. Do you read any of Laura Engels Wilder's books? Did you know that his birthday is February 7? Celebrate it with a party and cakes! If you study the history of the Roman Empire, consider March 15, the day Julio Cesar was killed: "Beware of the ideas of March!" (From the works of Shakespeare).

Have you spent time asking your children what they want to study? Perhaps what you are currently studying does not matter to your son at this stage of his education. So, who says you should go on? You are the administrator, so continue and change it if you need it. The more children are interested in knowing what to teach, the fewer conflicts you will face. So go ahead and ask them!

Give yourself permission to release children from the curriculum or program if it does not work. The plan that everyone stressed, crying and fighting is not a good plan at all.

Do not plan to make the school in the house of Christian utopian. It will not happen. As you will have some days that seem to float in the cloud nine and everything is fine, you will also have days that are just the opposite. Now that you've thought about it, your home schooling experience looks like real life outside the school environment, is not it?

Identify your child's learning style to ensure that you teach the most vulnerable subjects using your most powerful teaching style.

Do not fall into the trap of comparing your children to the children of the public school system. Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of education, but do not forget the reasons that prompted you to study at home in the first place. Appreciate freedom and freedom that you have to teach your children the way you think they are best for your family.

There will be times when you want to throw a towel. Do not give in to those temptations. Maybe all you need is a short break. Your children may need a break for the day. No one prevents you. It's your school to do what you want.

Do you have a game day! There will be days when it seems that all hell is collapsing in your home school. What do you do? Be sure to spend some time in silence and prayer, but you may also need to cancel school during the day. Going for a walk helps you get away from the situation to think more clearly.

Always remember that if you are constantly tense, you will also be exposed to your children. You can not give your children peace of mind if you do not have it yourself. So go and blink yourself once. Go to the cinema, get a special date with your wife, go to the spa! You have the idea of ​​making your life full of spiritually and emotionally, so that you have something of value to give to your children.

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